Hunting ghost

A Few Signs That Reveals Your House Might Be Haunted

A lot of signs can be experienced in a house which indicates that it has negative powers in it. The paranormal activities include unexplained noises or whispers, strange and weird shadows, parts of the house behaving weirdly, moving furniture unexpectedly, and often turning off and on of the light.

All these and various other signs discussed below will let you identify if there is a ghost in your house –

It has been found in a study that, more than 60% people believe in ghosts and nearly 40% admit of experiencing it. It’s just not only limits to ghosts, but the negative forces which make people believe in it

One of the most common places inside a house to see ghosts is under the staircase. The other places that you can rank for ghost sightings are hallway, bedroom, bathroom, and cellar.

Many people have experienced a sudden change in temperature that is unexplainable. Others have felt a static or electrical charge in the air.

You may even experience that someone is watching you constantly or hear footsteps, whispers, someone calling your name, and others.

Often you may find household objects being disappeared mysteriously and then they reappear in different places.

All these activities, of moving shadows, frequent electrical problems and the one mentioned above reveals that your house is under paranormal activity.