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    Choose the ideal waistcoat based on the shapes of your body: Here are “tailor-made” tips

    Winter has only begun, but maybe you’ve been waiting for the sales to buy a new men waistcoat. To give you a hand to choose, here is a series of tips to choose the right waistcoat based on the shape of your body. Find out everything you need to know to suit the waistcoat and make a good impression!

    What is the ideal waistcoat for you?

    A basic rule should be to choose a simple waistcoat pattern, which goes straight to the body without too many frills. Those with a thin waist could take advantage of it and buy a waistcoat that was marked at the waist. In general the waistcoats with the longitudinal seams have a slimming effect, so they are recommended especially for those who want to minimize the shapes. The length of the waistcoat is crucial: the most recommended are those that go down to mid-leg, or just higher.

    Even if they are all the rage now, if you are curvy, it is better to avoid fur, real or fake than they are, because they dilate the figure too much. Also double-breasted waistcoats they are to be avoided, especially if you are prosperous and so oversize jackets.

    How to choose the waistcoat based on the shapes of your body

    Let’s get to the specifics, and see the most indicated waistcoats according to the shape of the body.

    For wide hips: if you have wide hips, choose a flared down trapeze waistcoat. If you want to choose a waistcoat marked at the waist, however, must have the lower part flared and do not adhere to the hips and legs, otherwise the effect would be excessive. A corolla waistcoat is better than a sheath dress!