Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions Or 100 Human Hair Weave Extensions

For centuries wigs and hair extensions have been made from real human hair. However, the last few decades’ technologies have progressed to a level, where synthetic extensions were designed and mass produced.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair is essentially petroleum-based product given the shape of human hair. It lasts for a couple of months. Synthetic extensions cannot handle heating tools and cannot be color treated. Obviously, they blend well with your hair and are an affordable alternative. The style of synthetic extensions is pre-set, so when it rains they don’t fall like real hair extensions.

Real human hair extensions

Alternatively, human hair extensions are made from donor’s hair, whose cuticles are preserved completely. 100 human hair weave can last for more than a year with proper care. Human hair weaves are heart-friendly. You can use styling products and enjoy wavy or curly hairdo. They blend seamlessly and even reflect light just like your natural hair.

Cost difference

The one advantage that synthetic extensions have over real hair weave is the price. However, when other factors like durability, look, feel, style, and heat exposure is taken into consideration then a few more dollars you pay for real human hair weave is worthy.

Even real hair extensions can be ruined quickly through neglect, misuse, and maltreatment. Ultimately, it is personal preference as to which hair extension to choose.